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Lisa   and   Andrea


Two hands, heads, and hearts are better than one. 


Can It Really Be Done? Can we turn all the blank pages into beautifully written content?

We want to bring you in on the joys and challenges of starting our own combined writing and designing business. Before we decided to take this venture, Lisa had talked to our mother about starting our own writing business and she looked at Lisa and said with excitement "Oh, I would be a good editor!" which was true because she was a retired school teacher. Our dear mother passed away at the end of September 2022 and so we are dedicating this business venture to her. We want to carry on all that she has taught us personally and professionally. We both have come to the conclusion that we wanted to start this business together vs. apart. By collaborating together we would combine our personal and professional life experiences. This unique combination builds camaraderie, more creative force, and growth in our professional and personal relationships. Hence, building a bright future together. Through this Sisters2Writers, LLC was born.


It has not come without challenges but at the end of the day, our friendship and working relationship has grown. Some of our top "why's" with starting Sisters2writers are: To be able to successfully work out of our home, to enhance the lives of others in a positive way, and to continue working after retirement with the flexibility to choose where we work. We both enjoy reading articles that are short, to the point, and that draw you in; you can learn quickly from them and apply the knowledge acquired from articles. We both want to carry this on in our own writing. To apply these exact qualities.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

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